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September 7, 2010

Gambling game around Europe

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There are so many reasons to play online. Since online games are legalised in France, gambling are becoming more and more important on the internet but Also on TV. Patrick Bruel has never been so present on our screens.

However, it is interesting to know that online games have been allowed in many European countries before us. The article 49 of the European treaty, signed by all countries of the EU, establishes freedom movement of markets, services and men in all of economic markets in Europe.  Therefore, the law requires that European countries have to open their borders to competitors and thereby, European countries cannot have a monopoly market. So what’s going on in the rest in Europe about gambling games?

Italy, Spain, Germany, Finland and Hungary have already opened the online bet markets and have also opened their market to online gambling licences. Today, Spain and Italy have also opened their markets to online casino and poker. Germany, Finland and Hungary are still sceptical about online games such as casinos and poker tournaments. The laws currently prohibit the residents of these countries to play online, so countries have a veto, which is allowed because the country itself does not practice this activity. It means that the country doesn’t have a monopoly on this market.  German people can bet online but can’t play gambling game such as poker or casinos.

England, Malta and Sweden have already legalized gaming games since a certain time  and some of them are available on the stock exchange. The Casino companies employ many independent companies to check daily if online gambling websites respect laws imposed by the country.

Portugal is an exception, it allows hazard game but in 2009, Bwin attacked the country for monopolising the market. Answering to this attack, Portugal affirmed that profits and taxes from these kinds of businesses were used to finance projects for disabled children and to maintain the State hospitals in the country. As Indeed, the application from Bwin was rejected and Portugal is an exception in Europe because it is the only country which can keep the monopoly of the online game.

Switzerland and Denmark allows online games but the licenses are assigned by professionals. The countries have demonstrated their willingness to follow the imperative of the EU.

Greece wants to keep a monopoly on the online game and through that the country has to pay everyday a fine of 3500 Euros, for keeping the monopoly of this market, to the European commission.

In France, in 2009, the country has to answer to the fact that the country maintained a monopoly about the gambling game in the country and after a lengthy trial, France had no choice than opening its market to the competitor. Today, in France, online sport bet, horse racing and online poker are allowed however online casinos are still banned. Legislation regarding casinos games won’t be available before 2012.

Gambling games is an important market which can make a lot of benefits but with strong constraints from all of the countries.

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