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August 24, 2009

Fun And Interesting Ideas For Hosting A Craft Bridal Shower!

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craft bridal showerA bridal craft shower can be a great way to have a fun time, while learning a new skill, too.

There are many ways a hostess can throw a craft bridal shower.

Party guests can make something that the bride can use in her new home, make wedding decorations or just get together to have a good time.

Everyone can appreciate learning a new crafting technique. Craft bridal shower parties can be versatile because they can be hosted in a home or many craft supplies stores can host a craft bridal shower party for nearly any occasion.

A craft bridal shower is best suited for brides that do not mind not having a traditional shower. Ask the bride-to-be before planning a party and find out what kind of crafts interests her.

Tailor the party around her preferences and this will ensure that everyone will have a good time.

Another good idea when hosting a craft bridal shower is to put on the invitation that crafts are going to be made. Guest can be prepared and know what kind of clothing to wear and what kind of supplies they need to bring, too.

Craft bridal showers can be easily held at a home or at another location. If you choose to have the craft bridal shower in a home, make certain that there is plenty of room. Cover work surfaces and make sure that floors will not get ruined if paint or glue is spilled.

Consider hiring someone that specializes in a certain technique to come to your home to teach. If you decide that it would be more practical to hold the craft bridal shower in another location, look into rooms that can be rented for a minimal price.

Recreation centers are often a perfect choice because they offer large rooms with lots of tables and chairs. Also, look into sewing stores or craft supply stores. Many of these locations have rooms available for rent or offer classes.

There are many fun and interesting ideas for anyone wanting to host a craft bridal shower.

Here are some ideas that will make any guests and the bride have a great time:

Pottery painting

Pottery painting is a terrific way to hold a craft bridal shower. There are many places that specialize in pottery painting and hold classes. Guests can choose almost anything they would like to paint ranging from frames, vases, bowls and plates.

If the bride has specific colors for her new kitchen, consider having everyone paint a dinner plate to add to her collection. If guests prefer taking their new treasure home, think about painting one large serving platter for the bride and let everyone help decorate. This will be useful and she will always remember those who attended her shower.

Sewing classes

Almost anyone can benefit from learning basic sewing techniques. If most of your guests are interested in sewing, consider taking a sewing class as the shower. Most fabric stores and sewing centers offer classes for the beginner and for the more advanced.

You do not have to just learn to sew a skirt, either. Take a class to learn how to make fashionable tote bags and purses, scarves and hats and even quilts. You can even host a quilting party at home.

Have each guest decorate one or two squares and then have someone quilt them together. The new bride will always treasure a handmade quilt.

Floral arrangement

With the right supplies, learning to make pretty floral arrangements can be easy and fun. Gather up supplies and spend an evening making table centerpieces for the wedding reception.

If the bride wants handmade items for her wedding, you can also have guests help make pew bows and floral arrangements and even the boutonnieres for the men in the wedding party.

Not only will it be a memorable experience for the bride and the shower guests, but it saves her money and is practical as well.

Scrapbooking and card making

Many people enjoy scrapbooking and card making. Host a bridal shower at a scrapbook store and have a teacher available to teach those who may be beginners.

Another idea is to gather pictures of the new bride and groom and everyone make a page for her to keep. This is a great memento and she can continue the scrapbook after the wedding.

The ideas for hosting a craft bridal shower are endless. These types of showers can be a great way for the bride and the shower guests to learn a new crafting technique while having a memorable time together.

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