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June 26, 2009

Follow These Fitness Routines To Become Better Golfer In Golf Game

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Fitness routines to create a better-conditioned golfer in golf game are not hard to find out about.

Many pro golfers have made no secret of the types of routines that they have used for years.

Tiger Woods and others have given interviews and discussed the subject at length.  However, many golf game pros are able to afford professional trainers.

If you want to condition your body in order to improve your golf game you don’t have to spend a fortune on personal trainers and other programs.  There are very simple things you can do yourself.

For instance, remember the old daily dozen.  The same exercises that the average Army or Marine Corps drill sergeant will have basic training recruits go through more than once a day are perfect for getting a body into better shape.

These include many famous exercises that you may have tried in school, especially if you played sports of any kind.

Some fitness routines that helps you in golf game

Pushups, sit-ups, crunches, jumping jacks, running in place, deep knee bends, touching toes, and doing pull ups on the chin up bars.

These are tried and true, proven exercises that work.  Also if you are a runner than simply take a run or jog will help. So will jumping rope.

Climbing a rope is also great exercise, especially for the arms and upper body if you have one available.  But a very simple exercise that many people forget is simply taking a walk.

Going out in the evening to start with walking ten minutes at a time, at a quick pace to build up the heart rate is a great conditioning exercise to start with.

Then increasing the amount of time you spend, first to fifteen minutes and then twenty, and then thirty is a great way to condition your body.  Before you know it you’ll be power walking five miles a day, a great way to get in shape.

Swimming is another great way to conditioning your body to become a better golfer in golf game.  Swimming laps in any pool three times a week exercises all of the muscles in the body, and will after time improve your golf game tremendously.

Many pro golfers are avid and active swimmers.  Many times the local YMCA, a gym or a neighborhood health club will have a pool area and will reserve it for people who are swimming laps.

Many health clubs are open late, open early and some are even open 24 hours a day to make them easier and more convenient for people to work out and condition themselves.

Also, taking an interest in other sports will help your golf game.  If you occasionally play tennis, handball, racquetball, squash, or a game of pick up basketball you will utilize long dormant muscles and improve your skills at all other sports that you could participate in.

Many people even enjoy exotic sports. Americans for instance are finding joy in the traditional British sports of rugby and cricket and people all over the world enjoy soccer.

Don’t forget the part that a good, balanced diet will play in conditioning your body also.  Make sure that you eat like an athlete.  Get plenty of protein in whatever forms you prefer.

Some people enjoy protein shakes.  Others are carnivorous and simply make sure that they have a lot of lean meat in their diets.

Fish, chicken, turkey and other high protein and low fat foods, including nuts and legumes are very good at helping you condition your body to become a better athlete.

Also including vegetables and fruits in your diet, dropping most white processed foods and cutting down on the intake of sugars and fats will improve health, help you live longer and help you condition your body to become a better golfer in golf game.

Add to this to a good night’s sleep and a good doze of common sense, and cutting out or cutting back on caffeine and alcohol consumption will help greatly to play golf game.

The next and last thing to do is to practice your golf game.  Schedule time on a regular basis in order to play golf game going to the driving range or local miniature golf game place with the kids for practice putting.

Golf game is a serious sport.  Get your self conditioned, healthy and in shape, eat right, sleep right and practice and you will improve your golf game.

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