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June 27, 2009

First beta of YUI 3.0 released

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Congrats to the YUI team for releasing their first beta of YUI 3:

We’ve spent a lot of time in this release cycle refining the core elements of YUI 3 — YUI, Node, and Event — to ensure that we have the right API going forward. Performance is improved, and we’ve refined our module/submodule structure. In some cases we’ve added significant new features, including intrinsic support for event delegation in the Event package; however, the focus is on moving the base library to production quality.

Several YUI 2.x components make their YUI 3 debut in this release:

  1. DataSource: YUI’s data abstraction layer provides a standard interface into data sets, regardless of the data’s origin (local, XHR, XSS, etc.) and format (JSON, XML, CSV, etc.);
  2. ImageLoader: ImageLoader allows you to defer the loading of images that aren’t in the viewport when the page paints, throttling bandwidth usage and improving performance;
  3. History: The History component gives you control of the brower’s back button within the context of a single-page web application;
  4. StyleSheet: StyleSheet makes it easy to create and modify CSS rules on the fly, allowing you to dynamically style page elements with fewer repaints.

As part of the more granular packaging in the new codeline, we’ve created separate YUI 3 modules to house functionality that in YUI 2 was bundled with other components. Cache, DataType and DataSchema debut in this release; each of these used to be a part of DataSource.

To keep up to date, check out the roadmap and dashboard that the team keeps up to date.

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