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September 2, 2009

Fame Of The Mosquito Ringtone!

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Mosquito Ringtone is originally used to shoo away teenagers who just loiter around shops in the United Kingdom. Mosquito Ringtone can now be heard straight from your mobile phone.

Hijacked from technology, Mosquito Ringtone was created by Howard Stapleton who developed a device for Compound Security Systems. The said machine exhibits an adjustable 17KHZ sound that shows to be a great disturbance to the younger demographic but those that are already above twenty years of age are left not affected.

It is because of a hearing deficiency called Presbycusis, a cumulative aftermath of aging on the human ears.

Mosquito Ringtone:

Mosquito Ringtone was enhanced utilizing similar equipments albeit; it is on a lower frequency of about 14.4KHZ. Presently, Mosquito Ringtone is applied in classrooms where it allows the students to know that there is an incoming text message sans the knowledge of their teachers.

Stapleton did not expect the grave success of his invention; he even thinks that it is humorous. However, he was able to consider that it could be a violation on his intellectual property rights that plenty are now pirating it without his approval.

The fame of the Mosquito Ringtone can be traced back in 2005 when apparently some youth in Birmingham got fed up by it. They then decided to use it for their own advantage by having it as their cellular’s warning alert. It was selling like hotcakes initially in the United Kingdom then it swiftly found its niche in the United States.

British publications said that the first time Mosquito Ringtone was highly used for mobiles was on May 2006. It was in some academic institutions in Wales, the native country of Michael Douglas’ other half Katherine Zeta- Jones, it was introduced as a “yob- buster”. It was an obvious indication to the gangsters when it was period to break away from each other.

When the Mosquito Ringtone will be installed in the building, it will emit an increased volume of hubbub that is similar to that of a constant insect buzzing. Based on the scientific fact that as people advance in year, they are likely to have poor skills in hearing, the product will only pester those that are nineteen years old and younger.

This is the solution for those growing rascals that are so difficult to discipline. Currently, Mosquito Ringtone has now been sold all over the world market. Police authorities and small entrepreneurs gave favorable feedbacks where they said that it has lowered down cases of trouble spots in the community.

Marketing Director of Compound Security Systems, Simon Morris, told New York Times in an interview, that they were not able to receive revenues from what they have generated even with its spread in a global scale.

It was illegally copied so the result is, no amount of money flowed in. He together with Stapleton decided to start selling it on their own and they are advertising it as the “authentic one.”

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