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September 7, 2009

FaceBook Fan Check Virus Already Infected A Lot Of Users

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Just a few seconds ago I was praising FaceBook for its addictive games, but now we’re going to back it to blame it for its viruses. Yeah, you should know that FaceBook is full of viruses, malware and phishing scams among others, but you can protect yourselves. FaceBook Fan Check is apparently an app which checks your number of friends, then gives users the possibility to create a RSS feed to post it on your FaceBook page.

All is good until here as this is nothing more than a virus. When users try to access the FaceBook Fan Check app they’ll get a message that says the app is down because the developer is adding new features, and new capacity, and that it could take days to finish them. IT says that you should become a fan on FaceBook of the update, but in fact it will infect your FaceBook account, and it will send an email to all of your friends to become a fan, but it will infect them too.

Some say that the FaceBook Fan Check virus will change your password and email, but we’re not sure about that, and nobody reported that this FaceBook account was stolen. However, now that you know what is FaceBook Fan Check I advise you not to risk, at least until FaceBook releases an official statement regarding the Fan Check FaceBook virus.

It is said that it’s very hard to detect the FaceBook Fan Check virus therefore you should be careful. Be careful not to install any new security software that will promise you to remove the FaceBook Fan Check virus because who knows what you’ll install. Be safe!

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