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June 16, 2009

Ext Updates: Ext JS 3.0, Ext GWT 2.0; New apps and sites running

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There has be some interesting news in Ext land recently, so we wanted to do a quick roundup post to get it out there:

Ext JS 3.0 RC2 Release – Stable, Robust, and Enhanced

Some of the major fixes include:

  • Items are now automatically laid out when they are first shown – rather than trying to calculate dimensions when they are hidden. This will solve a number of layout issues that occur across all components.
  • The toolbar overflow has been improved to support all toolbar items, including CycleButtons and Buttons with toggle enabled (both grouping and otherwise).
  • Issues with some animations in the Fx library have been corrected.

There are new examples that test out new features such as REST support and the DataWriter.

Ext GWT 2.0 Milestone 2 Released

Ext GWT 2.0 works with GWT 1.6. With GWT 1.6, the application deployment design was changed to make it easier to integrate your GWT application into an existing J2EE application. Ext GWT 2.0 has been updated to take advantage of the new GWT design.

Ext GWT 2.0 introduces several new UI Components and enhancements to many existing components.

Implementation Spotlight: Zipwhip and Ext JS

Abraham Elias sits down with the Zipwhip folks and shares a case study:

Zipwhip is a utility for text messaging from the web. Text messaging is the fastest growing communication medium, but is still locked inside the mobile phone. We aim to help bring text messaging everywhere.

To pull off our ambitious goals, we’re using just about every web 2.0 trick in the book—comet to send carrier delivery receipts back to the browser in real-time, Ajax for server communications, download-on-demand Javascript packages (with preloading), Flash for audio notifications, and many others.

Fab’s Boombox

Fab’s Boombox is a javascript library for a music player. It is built on top of Sound Manager 2 by Scott Schiller and the Ext 3.0 Core library.

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