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September 6, 2009

Every Golfer Should Follow These Rules Of Golf Etiquette

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There are golf etiquette tips that every golfer should know and every golfer should follow.  It has been said that golf etiquette and manners are the lubricant that makes society flow smoothly and that is even truer on the golf course.

While golf is a wonderful game many people take the game quite seriously and some people are high strung.

It is quite possible that someone could become offended and throw a tantrum if proper golf etiquette is not followed.

Follow the golf etiquette safety rules

Of course manners are not everything. Sometimes the rules of golf etiquette are there to keep people safe, and safety should be important in any sport.

After all, you would never see fans at a football game running out onto the field because of the safety factor.

Also you notice that pro baseball players wear protective headgear, just as football players wear helmets and padding.

Safety in all sports is important, and the example that is set for fans is just as important, making following the golf etiquette rules, being safe and practicing proper golf etiquette quite an important thing to learn and to practice.

Newbie’s to the game of golf need to make a point of learning golf etiquette quickly.  Most newbie’s are taken under the wing of a more experienced golfer.

Some even go so far as to join clubs, or to hire golf pros to teach them and give them individual lessons about golf etiquette rules.

Others learn golf in high school or college.  But all athletics competitions have rules.   So, learn some of the basic rules of golf etiquette and enjoy the game.

First don’t swing your club until you are sure that no one is in the way. Make sure that everyone is at a safe distance.

Golf clubs are swung with a great deal of force and could cause serious injury, and you don’t want to hurt anyone so double check and make sure no one is in the way of your swing.

Next never swing in the direction of another person.  You could accidentally pick up some sort of debris, a small rock or some other object that could hit someone and cause injury.

It is much like the rule of never pointing a gun at someone even if you think it is unloaded.  You never know when your swinging might pick up a foreign object, so don’t swing in anyone else’s direction.

Then, always make sure that the group ahead of you on the golf course is out of range before swinging.  You don’t want to accidentally put your ball into the middle of a group of people. It is embarrassing and could harm someone.

Also, if you believe there is even a slight chance that your ball could land near someone else, and then always warn him or her. The traditional and accepted way of doing this is by yelling “fore.”

Always keep your cart off of the grass.  Also pay attention to signs posted around the golf course.  Follow the golf etiquette rules of the club. Whether you are a member or a guest, following the rules is simply practicing good sportsmanship.

And remember that the golf etiquette rules are there for a reason.  Either there has been a problem at the club in the past or someone anticipates a problem and is trying to avoid the hassles that can arise. Besides, following the golf etiquette rules is simply showing respect.

Never throw your clubs.  Many people get angry and toss their clubs, and this is the mark of a poor sportsman.

It is childish and immature and in addition to the possibility of causing injury it simply makes the person who it looks foolish and no one wants to play golf with someone with a bad temper.

Of course, many of you have seen golf oriented movies like Caddy Shack and Tin Cup.  There are many scenes in these movies that are quite funny that have characters violating some of these golf etiquette rules.

Caddy Shack II in fact had Rodney Dangerfield acting out as a very obnoxious guest at a golf club. While these actions are funny in the films, in real like they are not funny at all.

In fact, the late Rodney Dangerfield had quite a reputation as a gentlemen and a sportsman and would never have acted out in such a way in person.

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