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June 26, 2009

Employees Incentives For Buying Hybrid Vehicle

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Studies show there is a link between employees’ driving habits and the overall success of the business they work for.

Not only is there evidence that hybrid cars are great for the environment and the community, but now there is sufficient information saying hybrids are great for businesses.

CEOs are paying attention to these studies and are beginning to promote intelligent and responsible driving choices.

Private companies are encouraging employees to purchase hybrids in several different manners. Of course the most popular option the employers promote is public transportation, bicycling, and car pooling. However, with the new hybrid vehicles available, there is something more logical to promote.

Some of the largest companies in the United States are offering employee incentives regarding the purchase of a hybrid vehicle.

The companies offering their employees to purchase the hybrid vehicle are

Some are offering cash amounts toward the purchase of cars meeting specific standards. Google, one of the most successful internet companies is offering this incentive.

Google offers each employee $5,000 toward the purchase of a hybrid vehicle. The only regulations are that the hybrid vehicle must have an EPA fuel economy rating of 45 mpg or higher, and must also be rated a Partial Zero Emission Vehicle. This leaves only about three car options for employees, but it is making a huge difference.

Hyperion, the software company based in Santa Clara, California, is also offering their employees $5,000 toward the purchase of a hybrid vehicle.

The company actually sets aside over $1 million a year toward these incentives. The company feels that they are giving back to the community that has often given to them.

In addition however, they do admit that the hybrid vehicle incentives help them recruit and keep the best employees in the country.

Companies like Timberland agree with Hyperion. They offer $3,000 toward a hybrid vehicle purchase, but only to employees that are with the company for two years or more. It is a great way to get employees to stay with the company, when turnover rate trends are quite high.

Other companies, like ST Microelectronics, are not offering cash toward hybrid vehicle purchases, but are offering allowances for those who drive hybrids.

The allowances of near $84 a month are given to employees that drive hybrids with fuel consumption ratings of 39.2 mpg to 46.9 mpg. If employees drive a hybrid vehicle with a rating of 47 mpg or more, they get an additional $167 a month.

There are several explanations for why companies are choosing to offer these incentives on hybrids. Some may think they have partnerships with hybrid makers and such.

That may be true in some cases, but overall it seems that these companies just want to do their part in helping the environment.

They want to teach responsible behavior to their employees and realize by offering employee incentives, they will likely be able to do so.

When one employee buys a hybrid vehicle, they will likely rave to their family and friends about their purchase. This will likely fuel a chain reaction of buyers.

With more people driving hybrid vehicles, the environment will be harmed less and less with pollution. In addition to these incentives, many companies, like Google, offer extensive shuttle schedules their employees can use to cut down on pollution.

Corporations are not only offering cash to employees, they are also offering savings to consumers. The Farmers Insurance Group of Companies offers discounts to those who drive hybrid vehicles.

The discount is around 5% and can be seen as an extra perk when considering a hybrid. Many California hotels are also offering free parking or reduced rates for hybrid drivers.

At the University of Miami, students, professors, and staff driving hybrid vehicles save 50% on their permit price, which is around $350 a year.

Corporate and employee incentives for buying hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more popular. With large corporations realizing their influence, they are trying to do their part.

Although skeptics may feel that there are ulterior motives from company’s who offer incentives, the fact is that no matter what the real reason is for the incentives, they are helping the environment.

Even if the company gains in more ways than they will admit, everyone is benefiting from these great incentives.

So, if you work at a corporation that has hybrid incentives, be sure to take advantage of them. If your company does not provide these hybrid vehicle incentives, think about making a suggestion that they change their policies.

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