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August 30, 2009

Does Water Exist On The Planet Mars? Possibility Of Water On Mars!

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mars1There has long been the belief that life exists on other planets, and that it is possible for humans to live on Mars.

One reason for that possibility is the fact that water may exist on this planet.

Possibility of water on mars:

Extensive studies have been done regarding the possibility of water on mars. One of the main reasons that scientists believe that there is water on mars is that there has been various minerals detected on mars including hematite and goethite. These are minerals which are usually only found in the presence of water.

Another reason that scientists believe that Mars consists of a water supply is due to the fact that part of Mar’s crust is magnetized. This magnetization is very similar to that of the alternating bands that are on the floors of oceans located on the planet Earth.

Another reason that it is suggested that water exists on Mars is that various other substances have been located on Mars as well. For instance, carbon dioxide exists in the atmosphere of the planet Mars. Additionally, polar ice caps have been found on this planet as well, which contain frozen water.

These frozen ice caps found on Mars form during the Martian winter season, and then during the summer these ice caps turn into another form.

In summertime on Mars the underlying cap surface of layered water and dust is then exposed. The southern polar cap of Mars is known to contain more permanent deposits of CO2 than on the northern end of the planet. Changes have taken place regarding this over the years, according to some studies.

Some of the latest signs of water on Mars have been discovered by the European Space Agency. On July 28th, 2005 this agency has reported the finding of a crater, which contained within it a portion of frozen water. Some have considered this like that of an “ice lake”, or possibly that of a frozen lake, just like on Earth.

Images of this frozen ice lake were taken with the use of a high-resolution stereo camera. The picture taken from this high-tech piece of space photography equipment showed very clear signs of a large sheet of ice, which was located in a crater yet to be named.

The unnamed crater that contains what is believed to be ice water is located on what is referred to as Vastitas Borealis. This region is a vast plain located mostly on the northern end of mars. More specifically, the unnamed crater with the frozen water in it is located at approximately 70.5 degrees North and 103 degrees east. The crater is 35 km wide (23 mi) and about two km (1.2 mi).

The difference in height between the crater floor and the surface of the water is about 200 meters. This height difference is largely thought to be because of the existence of sand dunes that are located beneath the ice water. These dunes are partially visible.

Technically scientists do not refer to this crater filled with ice water as a lake. However, this is definitely the closest that scientists have come to discovering water on the planet Mars. This patch of ice is thought of as being significant in size, and is also believe to be present year round. In addition, other deposits of water ice and layers of frost have been found throughout the planet of Mars.

Other studies are being conducted by both the United States and Europe. One research project is expected to last until the year 2008, and further findings may turn up during this time. People interested in this study will want to stay tuned from time to time to see the latest developments regarding these studies.

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