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August 24, 2009

Different Elements Of World Clock!

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world clockHave you ever wondered what time is it in the other side of the planet?

Like you are located in South America and you are just so curious what time is it in the Middle East.

Yes, the very region where presently there is utter chaos going on. Not to mention, the birthplace of the infamous suspect of the September 11 attack of the Twin Towers in New York City, Osama Bin Laden.

Most likely, the United States government has been using the World Clock in maybe planning their strategies to corner the most wanted person in America right now.

Time is very indispensable in launching their attacks, especially that their zones are different and they are unmistakably entering into enemy territory.

World Clock is actually divided into three regions namely Main Table, Versions & Sorting and Current Interval.

Main Table

Main Table is a part of World Clock that list all the cities which are demanded by the user. When a star is seen after the name of the city, it means that it is observing the Daylight Saving Time (DST). As for those that have a minus symbol after the time, it refers to the former day which is before the current interval shown.

In comparison with those that have star beside, it means that they are 24 hours behind. When there is a plus after the time, it indicates that the place has already embarked on a day after the current interval. Therefore, it is a day advanced than those with no signs at all.

Versions & Sorting

Versions & Sortingis a part of World Clock where the user can choose several selections of cities. There is actually a display of the full list of places but it is bigger in capacity so it takes a lot of patience before the page will load, especially when you are using dial- up and not broadband.

The most commonly used is standard where it presents the most important places in the globe. There are about 140 of them included. There are also figures where each shows all the cities for a specific continent in an in- depth view.

North America, Asia, Europe, Pacific and South America are individually featured so you will have a full grasp of each. There are also there different ways to sort the table be it by city, increasing time or country.

Current Interval

Current Interval is a part of World Clock where it displays the hours and minutes in the table. UTC stands for Universal Time Coordinated where all the other cities are an offset added or subtracted to or from the time shown.

Like for example, it is already five hours ahead from the Universal Time Coordinated. It shows the seconds off the real Universal Time Coordinated.

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