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September 3, 2009

Cheaters Lament The Loss Of TF2 Halo Hats

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I have never enjoyed cheating at games. I like to win, but I want to do my best and if you do that, you’ll win for sure. Cheating will make you lose the point of playing a game, and everybody else will not look at you with good eyes because you’re nothing more than a cheater. Team Fortress 2 is a nice game, and the TF2 team is looking to crush all cheaters by stripping them of their Halo Hats that were obtained using 3rd party apps.

On the TF2 blog you can read that all TF2 Halo Hats that were obtained thanks to external idling apps will be removed, and those who used them will receive “zero tolerance” from now on. Because there was no policy for TF2 cheating, the team will only remove the items that were earned using these apps, but from now on, if anybody uses external idling applications will be stripped off of all their items.

It’s certain that all cheaters lament TF2 Halo Hats, but they should have played it the right way. At the moment there is only a 4.5% percentage of cheaters from the total amount of players, and they’ll have to say goodbye to the Halo Hats in the next few days. The TF2 blog says that those who were fair will see another hat in their inventory soon, and that the chances of finding existing hats have been increased.

I hope you’re enjoying Team Fortress 2 the right way cause it will pay off in the end.

Team Fortress 2

via TF2 Blog

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