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August 12, 2009

Caffeine Search Engine: The New Bing-like Google That Kills SEO

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When Microsoft launched Bing everybody was wondering how good it this will be and if it can compete against Google’s search technology. Bing proved that he is a very good search engine, and after that everybody was wondering what will Google do “kill” Microsoft’s new search engine, and how they’ll fight against spam. The answer is called Caffeine, the new or the next Google search engine. A few days ago Google unveiled Caffeine, developer version (meaning that it’s usable and pretty much reliable), and we took a look at it to see how it performs. The results were surprising.

Google promised Internet users a new Google, a search engine that should be faster / more accurate / with improved number of index results and with  more temporal relevant search results. Caffeine is the codename of the new Google and the pre-beta release is actually impressive.

The new Google is faster, the tests showed that Caffeine is twice faster than the old Google, and it shows 2.1% to 87% more search results (depending on queries) than the previous version. This is great and it means that Caffeine provides answers to your searches twice faster than before, and a whole lot more results therefore the search index has been greatly improved too. This is good.

The thing about Caffeine is that it displays results kinda like Bing. Caffeine is all about keywords, and the results are more relevant. Just do it for yourself and you will see that Caffeine is very much Bing, only better. If the new Google relies on keywords like Bing then SEO will become a whole lot harder for the so-called SEO experts. Spam will be pointless or is it so?

Although we wanted more temporal relevant results, it’s hard to get them in a better way than Google News. All we can do is rely on Google News which is present in Caffeine, and quite good in our opinion.

At the moment it seems like Caffeine is better than the old Google, but let’s just wait for it to be released. Maybe they’ll improve it even more by then. We can hardly wait for the final version!

Caffeine Search Engine, The New Google

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