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August 25, 2009

Be your company MVP with GWT!

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Sorry about the cheesy title, I couldn’t resist. In one of those moods I guess. Chris Lowe has posted a detailed example of a new-age GWT application that uses lots of cool tech based on Ray Ryans talk on MVP pattern;

  • Use a command pattern;
  • Use an Event Bus (a.k.a Event Collaboration);
  • Use Dependency Injection.
  • Chris takes these ideas and applies them to the starter project created by the Google plugin for Eclipse. To get this done, he uses a slew of libraries:

    GWT-Presenter An implementation of the MVP pattern;
    GWT-Dispatch An implementation of the command pattern;
    Google Gin Dependency Injection based on Google’s Guice;
    GWT-Log A log4j-style logger for GWT.

    NOTE: currently GIN needs to be built from source using SVN/Ant.

    You’ll also need the following libraries at the server:

    log4j A logging framework;
    Google Guice 2.0 A dependency injection framework for Java.

    Then, the tutorial walks you through setting up your views, presenters, and events. It is Java, so you will notice a fair amount of source code (but at least the GuiceServlet gets rid of most of the XML). Just joshing with ya!

    It was cool to see my buddy Rob’s Customware being the place that created some of the key libraries. Good on ya mate!

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