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September 13, 2009

Basics Of A Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle!

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Plug-in hybrid1A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), also called a gas-electric hybrid fueled vehicle, is an automobile that is equipped with an extra battery, and also has the ability to be recharged from an exterior electrical outlet.

Car owners will have the choice to plug the hybrid in, but will not be required to for operation, as the gas engine is still available.

Plug-in hybrids

The plug-in hybrid is known for its numerous economical, as well as efficiency advantages over traditional non-hybrid automobiles. Plug-in hybrids are commonly used for short road trips of a constant speed.

Because these vehicles do not require the use of an internal combustion engine, and the gasoline engine is only used when absolutely necessary, they are great fuel savers.

Plug-in hybrids look and operate similarly to conventional non-hybrid vehicles, and can be plugged into any 120 volt outlet to be charged.  Some owners prefer to charge their plug-in hybrid cars at home during the night, while others will re-energize their plug-in hybrids during the workday at a local parking garage.

Each time you plug in your hybrid, you are essentially benefiting. Depending on the size of the battery, plug-ins operates on their stored power for up to 60 miles per charge. This exceeds far beyond the typical driving day for a majority of the American public.

Studies show that approximately 78 percent of Americans reside within 20 of their workplace. Research also reveals that most short car rides are less than 20 miles in length.

For these short distances, plug-in hybrids can operate completely on electricity. When all the energy has been depleted, the plug-in hybrid automatically keeps running on the fuel in the gas tank.

The gasoline engine would most likely only be needed for longer trips, or when several trips are taken in one day. If you keep your plug-in charged with energy, you will most likely only have to fill the gas tank once a month. The plug-in hybrid also has excellent speed efficiency.

A mid-sized plug-in electric hybrid can speed up from zero to 60 miles per hour in as little as nine seconds. This remarkably fast car can hold a speed of approximately 97 miles per hour, and maintain an unbelievable speed of 120 miles per hour and maintain all of this, even with a low battery.

Plug-in hybrid vehicles use mostly electricity instead of conventional gasoline. This means a more fuel efficient vehicle that is safer for the environment. A plug-in hybrid that is recharged each and every night can decrease harmful emissions by almost 50 percent.

When the plug-in hybrid operates only on electric power, it produces zero dangerous emissions. The longer distance that a plug-in can go solely on battery power, the less it will have to use the gas-powered engine.

Plug-in hybrids have been endorsed by numerous environmental and national security alliances because of these outstanding advantages.

The manufacturers suggested retail price is expected to be a bit higher for the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, about 10 to 20 percent more than the standard hybrid vehicle. The higher price will be primarily due to the battery size.

However, if these batteries are sold in large volumes by car manufacturers, the final selling price for the plug-in could only be a few thousand dollars more than the traditional hybrid automobile.

With increased production of the plug-in hybrid, these steep prices will most likely be lowered. Even with the extra cost, adding the money you will save on fuel and services will make buying a plug-in hybrid is still a deal.

Market research reveals that the plug-in electric vehicle has potential for greatness in the automobile world. Surveys have shown that consumers would like to be able to charge their cars at home instead of having to fill it up at a gas station. These studies also reveal that consumers like the fact that plug-in hybrids offer fuel economy and pollutant reduction with the advantages of a battery-powered electric automobile.

Major car manufacturers are still not excited about the plug-in hybrid. They are still busy developing regular hybrid cars, while trying to make a profit. As the demand for the standard hybrid car increases, and profits rise, talk of the plug-in hybrid will most likely develop.

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