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September 1, 2009

Aspects For Mosquito Trap Comparison!

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Using carbon dioxide as its trap to attract pestering minute creatures can be a mosquito trap comparison. Although, such aspect is where the similarities over the others lie. In the market today, there are plenty of tools available that apply a variety of methods ending up in different results.

With the rise of technology, plenty have been in search for what is the best. One of the apparent evidence are the surveys being done, in the industry of insect abatement, equipments from Lentek continue to rank as the highest in effectivity.

Models, such as MK01G and Magnet are considered to be highly functional for the commercial sector. What makes it far better of its kind is that it is sold at a lesser price and does even utilize chemicals.

Mosquito trap comparison:

When talking about mosquito trap comparison, concentrations that are actually harmful to human beings are included because it is one of the factors that will perfectly annihilate skeeters or mozzies. The latest that has been applied is octenol, which has proven itself successful as repellent.

Octenol is not hazardous to people when it is released on air. There is however, potential for toxicity when it is accidentally swallowed. Therefore, the amount of which that is within reach of children is initially assessed for each before it is registered by the EPA.

It is also believed that there are formulations that are deemed to resist other creepers or crawlers apart from the specie that it specializes. There are also some instances that liquid formulations need periodic replacement that will mean additional cost.

Sticky boards are also among the aspect for mosquito trap comparison. There are those that are covered with glue, which is entirely in contrast with vacuum. Like the aforementioned, this also requires an amount of time before they lose their competence since it stars to become contaminated with other creepers or crawlers that have rested in peace.

Another are electrocution grids that is probably the most famous. It can be widely seen in restaurants, especially when those that have an al fresco ambiance.

You will know that one’s attention has been captured when you hear a tight sound. That indicates that another fell prey. Unfortunately, it is not efficient and even requires more of your time for cleaning.

Moreover, with the mosquito trap comparison tests, it has been consistently concluded that the machine produced by Lentek is a leader in retail stores. It has a heat attraction area of about 138 square inches and suction area of approximately 17.25 square inches. It is five times the humidity magnetism of the Magnet model. It has huge areas for suction when matched up with other of its kind.

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