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September 4, 2009

Are Men’s And Women’s Golf Clubs Created Equal?

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golf clubsMen and women’s golf clubs are not created equal. The different sexes have different skills and different needs, when it comes to golf clubs.

The main difference between men’s and women’s clubs is the length.

Men and women’s golf clubs:

Traditionally in our society women are a bit shorter than men, so women’s golf clubs tend to be about one inch to one and a half inches shorter than the golf clubs used by men.

Some golf pros also claim that women’s clubs have more flexibility built into them, have a large “sweet spot” and sometimes they may have a lower center of gravity with one school of thought being that it will help female players to get the ball into the air.

Cosmetically men’s golf clubs usually have black or brown grips and women’s golf clubs may have powder blue grips or another color that is considered feminine.

Of course, anyone can have golf clubs custom made, to almost any specification, so many of these rules of thumb are simply that and do not apply in every case.

Still it is obvious from increased sales of women’s golf clubs that the sport is becoming more and more popular with women. Also, more women are active in business now and it has often been fashionable for business people to discuss business and make deals on the golf course.

With women becoming more important in business, many becoming CEO’s or major company officers, it is natural to see more and more women participating.

In the early days of golf we are unsure as to whether or not there were any differences between men and women’s golf clubs.  Of course, when golf was new, the clubs were not as sophisticated as they are now.

Today’s golf clubs can have shafts made of steel, graphite, titanium, wood, polymers, or a composite material using several of the above.  Centuries ago golf club shafts were always made of wood.

You often think of golf as being a Scottish sports and that is probably where it was invented, which means that the shafts originally were made of woods common in Scotland.

However, the origin of golf is often debated. The French, Dutch and Chinese as well as the Scots claim to have invented it, meaning that in the early days golf clubs would be manufactured locally and whatever wood was common there would have been used.

In Loenen aan de Vecht in Holland in the year 1297 golf was played and then a stick was used with a leather ball.  Interestingly however, while most scholars believe the Scots invented golf they attribute much early play to the Dutch and belief that the name of the game came from a German word for ball.

Mary Queen of Scots played golf at the famous Musselburgh Links in the year 1567. This famous Scottish queen was probably not the first woman to play the game, but what types of clubs she used is a mystery to us today.

Still it is quite obvious that golf is almost as popular with women as it is with men.  Some see the game as a great equalizer since great height and great speed are not important to the game. Neither is muscle mass.

However, golf players are athletes and need to be in good condition. Serious golfers watch their diets and exercise accordingly in order to be healthy and improve their games. They practice often.

Still when it comes to the question of golf clubs, a woman who is unusually tall for a woman, let’s say six feet in height, will probably use golf clubs that are designed for a man.

A shorter man on the other hand, provided they are not pink or powder blue may well choose to use a woman’s set of golf clubs.  And youngsters learning the game will use shorter golf clubs, of course, until they grow and put on some height.

But golf is one of those games where the important thing is enjoying the game itself, practicing to develop skills and practicing good sportsmanship and the rules of etiquette of the game.  That is much more important than the length or type of club that a player chooses to use.

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