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April 10, 2009

April Fool’s Day – Pranks of the Past.

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With April Fool's day fast approaching, I thought I would share one my former
employer pulled on the people I worked with before I was hired. It
consisted of instituting a new policy of drug testing using the "hair
test" that would lower insurance premiums for the company and help to
save a lot of money. The "hair test" is generally considered to be the
toughest test available to pass among drug users and is feared
accordingly. The company did no previous drug testing and it came as
quite a shock. Little bags containing a pair of scissors and
instructions on how much hair and where it must be cut from were handed
out to everyone. Anyone who felt they may not be able to pass the test
was invited to the V.P.'s office to tell their story and special
considerations may be able to be made on a case by case basis. Failure
to do either would mean termination of your employment.

I was told that a line had formed outside of the V.P.'s office with
fool after fool waiting patiently to tell their story and plead their
case as to why they shouldn't be fired. When they were all done
confessing their sins to their employer, they were told an announcement
would be made at the end of the day that would effect them all.

Five o'clock came and everyone was summoned together in a huddle in
front of the V.P.'s office. With a grave look the V.P. emerged from his
office and expressed his concern over the number of people he had seen
as well as the things he had heard. Frowning and looking down at his
shoes, he said he may have to dismiss some people after all. Not for
illegal drug use, but "because they were too stupid to realize it was
April Fool's Day! " he said with a big smile. Laughing as he made his
to the door, he left shocked and bewildered fool's in his wake as they
slowly came to the realization that they had been had.

Years later, this joke is still talked about and remembered fondly. (or not,depending on what you did that day)


Got a cool April Fool's day prank? Share it here in the comments and we may re-post it soon.



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