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April 17, 2009

Apple Removes SlingPlayer From AppStore At AT&T’s Request

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SlingPlayer iPhone

Apple has started its billion app countdown for their AppStore, however there are too many applications banned from the online store. Why? Well, because of political, racial… no, it’s not that! The latest app banned is called SlingPlayer and it was banned at the request of AT&T which currently is looking to extend their exclusive deal over the iPhone until 2011.

The SlingPlayer app was released in January, and it was especially designed for the iPhone hence it respects the user interface and Apple’s rules. However, AT&T has requested Apple to remove the app from the App Store. For the moment, Apple declined to comment, while Sling Media’s website shows that SlingPlayer is coming soon to iPhone.

Well, if the SlingPlayer was banned from the AppStore, then everybody really hates AT&T now as a few weeks ago the company has requested Apple to limit Skype for iPhone to Wi-Fi spots. AT&T says that users will consume too much bandwidth with Skype for iPhone causing them to lose money therefore the application can only be used via Wi-Fi. Now, it’s SlingPlayer’s turn to be removed and to be limited to Wi-Fi use because it will consume huge amounts of bandwidth as watching TV on your iPhone will mess up with AT&T plans.

Remember the fact that there are some rumors which say that AT&T is planning to develop their own mobile video services, and hard competition is not welcomed! Let’s wait and see how this ends, but I must say that Apple shouldn’t accept AT&T’s proposal to extend their exclusive deal with the iPhone. There is only one problem: if Apple indeed removed SlingPlayer from AppStore at AT&T’s request then this means that we won’t have other carriers for the iPhone until 2011. Just think about it… Meantime, just watch the video above to see SlingPlayer for iPhone in action!

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