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September 2, 2009

Appeal Of Seal Fur Coats!

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seal fur coatsHistory of fur coats:

Fur coats were once considered a luxury item that only the ‘privileged’ could afford.

They were historically purchased by men as gifts to their wives.

It may still be true in a way at this point in time, but the huge influx of women entering the career world in the 1970’s changed that insight forever.

The independent ‘earning’ women allowed freedom for themselves to buy these luxurious items at their own discretion without having to wait for some guy to give them as gifts.

By the 1980’s fur coats surged in popularity although fur coats sales dropped during the middle of the 1990’s because of certain factors like animal rights campaigns, glut in the international market, and warm winters.

Fur coats caught interest again in several top clothing designers and started being on top pick in runways by 1999, and approximately two hundred designers used fur items in their collection.

Fur coats may be a controversial and expensive garment, but having them during the cold winter season is worth every penny.  They’re not only fashionable, but they also give the warmth and comfort that ordinary coats won’t match. It’s practically sensible for wearers of these elegant garments to invest in them, since they obtain more than what they spent for.

There are a lot of styles, types, and materials fur coats can be made of. They can be beaver fur coats, sable fur coats, coyote fur coats, mink fur coats, fox fur coats, and seal fur coats.

Seal fur coats:

Seal fur coats are one type of fur coats that is highly rated because of the different feature it has compared to most common fur coats. Fur lovers have discovered that seal fur coats are softer, tougher, warmer, and unlike other fur coats that make you look fat, seal fur coats are exceptionally slimming.

Sealskin although banned in some countries like the U.S., has reached sky-high prices at present.  Seal fur coats have gained great popularity among women because they seek and demand for fur coats that accentuate their figures rather than make them look bulky. The cost of seal fur coats range, depending on style and quality.

Although seal hunt is now carefully regulated, the annual seal hunt in Canada still remains controversial.  The federal government has currently allowed three hundred fifty thousand harp seals to be killed every year during spring hunt in Quebec and Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island. The hunt has been the largest but still sealskin prices would remain high since the international demand is much higher.

The appeal of seal fur coats to a lot of people have been tremendous as people no longer want the heavy fur coats, such of minks and beaver fur coats, which are even sheared to reduce their heft.

Seal pelts no longer need trimming as they are naturally light and the outcome are seal fur coats that are sleek, durable, wind proof, water resistant, and best of all flat and not bulky.

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