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August 27, 2009

All About Wood Vs. Iron Golf Clubs!

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golf clubYou have quite a few different varieties of clubs to use. Some are wood and some are iron.

Wood vs. iron golf clubs:

Older wood golf clubs were made from persimmon, hickory or maple wood.

The more modern wood golf clubs are made of hollow steel or titanium, or a variety of materials.

Some of these clubs are known as metal woods, and some of the earlier metal wood clubs contained foam inside. Therefore, when one refers to a wood club it could mean a variety of things.

Many of the wood or hollow metal golf clubs are more lightweight than those made of iron. Wood golf clubs are lighter than the ones made of steel as well. Golfers like to use golf clubs made from a variety of materials for different reasons.

The lighter materials, such as wood and metal wood clubs allow a golfer to swing at faster speeds. These are often used if a person wants to shoot a golf ball at a farther distance. Some of the heavier clubs, or the ones with the shorter shafts, ore ones often used to shoot a ball a shorter distance.

A person can use one iron or one wood club and make it throughout the entire game. However, most players use a variety of different types of clubs for different shots, as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Quite a few factors help players determine which the best types of clubs are:

Certain factors that determine, which kinds of clubs a player should use include a players overall ability and style.  Other factors are more specific to each player, such as the player’s course handicap, or a player’s swing weight.

A player’s course handicap is what is used to calculate changes between people of varying skill levels. One person could be quite a bit more experienced than another and the match could still be a challenge enough to that person, and easy enough for the lesser experienced player.

A person’s handicap level is often used to determine a person’s skill level. Various recommendations are made for people of all different playing levels.

For instance, in the case of choosing a shaft, the less experienced players are usually advised to use the lightest one possible for them. It will help them develop confidence as they use a shaft that is comfortable for them. Then, they are able to switch to a heavier one later on.

One very important aspect of golf is determining the swing weight. If a golfer knows his or her personal swing weight, that person can more easily choose a club, or a set of clubs.

In addition, if that player knows exactly how consistent and accurate they are at making certain shots with various clubs they will easier be able to identify the right club set.

There is no set rule as to which club set would be better for each person. This decision is often highly individualized, especially if a golfer has a set of clubs individually made.

Also, there are varying degrees of thickness of various types of both wood and metal, including iron. In addition, when metal clubs (such as iron) are made they are made in a variety of ways.

Some iron golf clubs, or clubs made out of other metals, are made by either forging them into shape from a solid metal, or from melting the metal and pouring it into a mold.

This creates a variety of qualities of golf clubs that are made. The three main construction points of a golf club are the shaft, the grip, and the head. These are made into various shapes, lengths, and sizes as well.

The advantages of the heavier golf clubs over the lighter ones, such as iron versus wood or metal wood, are that they are more durable. However, they may be harder to control for some people. Therefore, some may prefer the wood or metal wood shafted golf clubs instead.

If a person is not sure, which shafts to use they can find the help they need that will further guide them in the right direction. This information is made available to the public in many ways. Some of it is located on golfing websites, and some of it is located on golf and general sporting goods sites.

Other information regarding both wood and iron shafts can be found in magazines, such as Golfer’s Digest or others. These are found on newsstands and can be ordered online.

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