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August 22, 2009

All About The Apron Strings!

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A number of companies offering home and kitchen related products and services are now out there popping up like ads on the virtual world.

These companies are generally serving as the ultimate portals for people to access a number of valuable products and services that could give an added compliment to their respective homes.

And, it is in this field that the company named “Apron Strings” emerged as one of the best.

The Apron Strings Company:

The Apron Strings Company is named as such as they encourage children who wanted to cook and bake to work safely in the kitchen with their aprons. Well on its most basic, the Apron Strings have long been holding ongoing cooking classes for kids.

The classes are actually offered by the company and performed at the First Universalist Unitarian Church after school or on Sunday mornings.  And, the kids are highly given the opportunity to take a series of classes, or one at a time.

The Apron Strings was founded by Roberta Des Bouillons in San Francisco. Des Bouillons is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and has more than 20 years of culinary experience.

Several noted have mentioned that the Apron Strings was developed with its founder’s strong desire to teach children how to cook and bake in a safe, fun setting, as well as to cultivate in them a lifelong appreciation of cooking. It is with this dedication that the Apron Strings particularly hold classes for children age 10 years and older.

Under the management of Apron Strings, the children have their own choices of a variety of classes. It is interesting to know that the Apron Strings is now holding classes, such as Ethnic Foods, Cooking Italian, Healthy Vegetarian, as well as Easy as Pie.

And, under these cooking classes maintained by the Apron Strings, the kids are required to make a couple or three recipes for every class.  Much more interesting to know is the fact that the kids are encouraged to taste everything, other than to bring samples home.

Apron Strings, under the management of Roberta Des Bouillons, is now committed to fresh as well as seasonal ingredients whenever is possible.

All of their classes are said to be hands on and are generally developed in order to please the children in the kitchen, so for them to develop a lifelong appreciation for food.

It has also been maintained by Apron Strings that at the end of their classes, they usually sit down family style and break bread as a group and invite the other people to join them.

This is basically maintained by Aprons Strings for a certain purpose, that is, to show to the kids that cooking is only a major portion of the process and that sharing what they make is at least as pleasing.

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