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June 15, 2009

All About Murano Beads

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Not only is Venice in Italy known for their gondolas cruising on the narrow canals, this European region is also home to the skilled artisans who have influenced Murano beads that are complex in design.

There are a lot of various approaches an individual can employ in applying the craft which also depends with the result one has in mind.

From the very beginning such as the variance in shades until the end of completing the process, manufacturing Murano beads accessories should be performed with utmost care.

Initial Stage of Murano beads

The method in fashioning Murano beads is commenced with the generation of color canes. The thing alone is already a challenge to the artisan no matter how skillful the person is.

There are chemical elements involved in the highly sensitive fabrication just to obtain an absolute mixture.

For example, the warmth exude by aquamarine can be attained when combining both cobalt and copper. In the other hand, the sensation exhibited by ruby red can be accomplished through a gold solution as toning agent.

Unique Items of Murano beads

Murano beads have manufactured some very popular accessories such as Conterie, Millefori and Rosetta.

Conterie is also known as seed beads which are round and small. These kinds are fashioned by forming hollow tubes that have been colored then chopped in tiny sizes. Afterwhich, it is refined for the texture to be smooth.

Millefori is also known as lace beads which attained much the same as with the others. However, what sets these kinds apart is that there are more colors employed and the cane is not empty but instead, is entirely solid in nature.

Rosetta is also known as chevron beads which are accomplished with six sheets of colored glass that has to be in correct order of white, blue, brick red, and blue. These kinds are grounded in order to come up with prototypes of five concentrated stars having twelve points.

Technique Utilized by Murano beads

Majority of the Murano beads are employed by an approach dubbed as wound lampworking. It uses a torch for melting in order for the artisan to easily shape the glass.

At these modern times, the method no longer practices flames that have been fueled by oil. Even with the fact that the procedure started since the primordial age, it only blossomed in the European region in the 1300’s. Since that time on, the fame of which had spread all over the continent?

There are still other types of Murano beads aside from what were featured. There are the likes of blown beads which have been discovered when the artisans can actually soften the canes and puff the glass which is better recognized today as Filigree, a delicate jewel with twisted threads of silver and gold.

When you roam around the malls, you will not miss this sophisticated class that has been a favorite of every elegant woman.

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