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September 15, 2009

All About Hybrid Vehicles!

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hybrid vehiclesHybrid vehicles have grown more and more in popularity with American consumers, since their inception to the automotive market last year.

Given rising prices at the gas tank and environmental concerns when it comes to omissions from gasoline powered cars, hybrid vehicles appear to be the smartest and safest choice for car owners.

Hybrid vehicles and the gasoline powered cars

However, the difference between hybrid vehicles and the gasoline powered cars we have grown accustomed to can be confusing for some consumers. Hybrid vehicles combine sources of power to fuel the vehicle.

By not relying solely on gasoline as fuel power to power the vehicle, hybrid vehicles use less gasoline and omit fewer fumes into the already damaged atmosphere. With global warming becoming more and more of concern, hybrid vehicles are growing in popularity.

Hybrid cars use gasoline combined with an electric motor powered by batteries to fuel the vehicle.  When the vehicle is being used in typical day-to-day driving scenarios where there is a lot of stop-and-go traffic, hybrid vehicles rely heavily upon their battery power.

When use of the gasoline engine takes place, or when the car slows down or brakes, the electric battery pack is able to recharge itself, readying itself for more use powered by the electric engine rather than the gasoline engine.

Seemingly, the downfall of purchasing a hybrid vehicle becomes the increased cost and the chance that parts could fail or break.

Hybrid cars typically cost four to five thousand dollars more than their gasoline powered counterparts.  Although some consumers justify this price increase by the money they will be saving at the gas pump, it is a price some consumers do not want to pay.

The second concern, the longevity, or lack thereof, of the vehicle’s electric parts that keep it running leads to the question of whether or not an extended warranty is a smart choice.

Hybrid vehicles are extremely new to the automotive market, and therefore, their parts run more expensive, since there are less of them out there. If something goes wrong with the electric powered battery that is one of the prime power sources for the hybrid vehicle, the owner could be burdened with major expenses to replace the part.

However, an extended warranty on the car and its parts could save the hybrid owner considerable amounts of money and hassle in replacing and covering the broken or damaged parts.

Currently, since so many hybrid parts cost a lot of money to replace or fix many car manufacturers that currently market hybrid vehicles already offer extended warranties with the vehicles.

For example, many Ford hybrid buyers have the option of selecting warranties that last for upwards of ten years, sometimes longer than most people even own one car.

This allows the owner to find help, if needed, should something go wrong with their hybrid vehicle. In addition, by the time many long-term warranties on hybrid vehicles do run out, hybrid vehicles are expected to be increasingly more common and the parts should be easier to find, and therefore, less expensive.

Many car companies that are now marketing hybrid vehicles will openly tell consumers of the faith they have in the new hybrid vehicles. This is why such warranties are possible.

An increasing amount of meticulous research has gone into the planning and building of hybrid vehicles.  Given this, there is often less chance that things will go wrong.

Oftentimes, these warranties cover hybrid related problems only and problems not relating to hybrid parts are not covered by such warranties. However, there are a number of different types of warranties covering all different types of problems and concerns that may go wrong with hybrid vehicles.

There are also a number of car manufacturers, from Ford to Toyota to Honda, that now market hybrid vehicles. Every car company will have its own types of warranties to offer customers.

Since hybrid vehicles are so new to everyone from car dealers to consumers, it is important for anyone interested in purchasing a hybrid vehicle to first do research concerning the types of vehicles offered, the pros and cons, and the benefits of an extended warranty. Only by doing research on your own will you be able to determine what type of hybrid and what type of warranty suits your lifestyle the best.

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