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April 10, 2009

(6) Best April Fool Pranks of 2009!

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April FoolApril fool’s day is one of the favorite occasions celebrated in the tech world. Every year more and more companies come out a smart prank which is as interesting as it is hilarious.

On a serious note 1st of April probably isn’t a good day to announce a product, especially a creative and an out-of-the-box concept. It will certainly take a while for users to believe it’s a real product if released on the fools day!

Here is the list of Best April Fool Pranks of 2009 by the Tech world!

The first one comes from Opera where they challenge the limits of creativity on the fools day and come up with amazing technology which lets you browse the internet by just making face gestures and expressions.

Watch the video to see it in action ;)

This one comes from Google Austrailia, the gBall! The new tech based ball promises to change the way game is played and the stats collected during the game.

The gBall at a glance:

  • Weighs an extra 107g
  • Extra 35.8mm in diameter
  • Kicks are automatically measured using special in-built equipment
  • You get personalised online kicking tips and suggestions, based on kicking data
  • gBall vibrates if player agents or talent scouts want to speak to you
  • Find your lost gBall online using Google Maps


Reddit changed to Reddigg for a day. I am sure the moment regular redditters logged on to the site it would have been a nightmare for them. Yes, of course Reddit looking like is a nightmare for the hardcore reddit fans.

Nonetheless this was the most humble and sweetest prank on today’s list…


Download 3D ChromeChrome 3D was another interesting and innovative prank which certainly attracts a lot of eyeballs. The technology promises to change the way you see (literally) the web, it changes it to 3D.

These funny looking DIY 3D glasses will help you experience the 3D capabilities of the browser.

3D Glasses

Expedia offers a trip to Mars, that’s not new right? Well that’s ok, what’s new is the flight fare, just $99.

Expedia to Mars


Guardian announced the switch to Twitter on the auspicious day of April the 1st. History is in the making as Guardian moves to Twitter exclusively which makes it the first ever news paper completely moving to Twitter.


I hoped Conficker Virus to be a April Fool Prank but unfortunately it is not. Learn how to remove conflickr work from your computer.

Image Credits: ~ce-i

Thanks to @rsameer for sharing few of the pranks!

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