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August 31, 2009

3 Mosquito Borne Diseases!

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Mosquito Borne DiseaseDifficult as it may to understand but a mosquito borne disease can actually take away your very precious life.

A mosquito borne disease can result to very fatal conditions, such as the West Nile Virus that emerged in Africa on 1937 or the La Crosee Encephalitis that originated in Wisconsin on 1963.

Here are some mosquito borne diseases:

Malaria Fever

It is a mosquito borne disease that has probably came from Africa. The parasite known as plasmodium is brought by a female biting fly called Anopheles.

Malaria was derived from an Italian word meaning “bad air” since it was deemed that it started from the wind in the swamps and rivers. It was during the 1880’s and 1900’s that a lot of scientists made a lot of extensive research about it.

There are about 40% of the population in the world that is vulnerable to malaria especially those that are living in tropical regions. By the 20th century, it was largely eradicated in the countries were there is much humid season.

It was because of the advent of DDT together with other repellants, such as organochlorine. However, even when there have been products invented to for its resistance, there are still 300- 500 million cases annually in the whole world. It is said that in every 40 seconds, one child is killed because of it.

Dog Heart Worm

It is a mosquito borne disease that can be very risky to canines. This mosquito borne disease caused by roundworm, is not only what are known as man’s bestfriend that are affected but also mammals, such as cats, raccoons and foxes.

They are infected with this mosquito borne disease through the biting mosquitoes that carry larvae. Those insects are identified to be very dependent in order to extend its life cycle.

Microfilaria in the other hand, circulate in the blood stream of mammals. The said annoying minute creature must have to infect other than their kind that they may continually survive.

Dog Heart Worm, a mosquito borne disease can never be annihilated but it can be prevented with pills and injections, though. Others may not be conscious of it but there is actually danger when treating pets that have been contaminated albeit, the cases are very rare.

Yellow Fever

It is a mosquito borne disease that has a 400 year history. This mosquito borne disease only occurs in areas where there is much great distribution of sunlight, especially in the continents of Africa and America. Having both a city and jungle cycle, it is no longer a threat to travellers since most nations have regulations for vaccination to be met prior to his or her entry in the territorial boundaries.

Each year, there are about 200, 000 occurrence, while there are 30, 000 casualties in 33 countries. It had never visited Asia though Yellow Fever has become more common in the previous decades.

It was reported that in 2002, there was one fatal instance of Yellow Fever. It was in the United States where there was a person that was not immunized who returned from a fishing trip to the Amazon.

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