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September 1, 2009

3 Great Finds Of Pre-Owned Fur Coats!

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pre owned fur coatsWhy should you buy pre-owned fur coats?  Since fur coats are really expensive, buying one takes a lot of decision making questions, first being should you pay for a new fur coat or a pre-owned one?

Buying fur coats is a lot like buying cars, in one way they can be an investment and on the other hand they can’t.

Comparable to cars, a new fur coat depreciates the minute you take it out of the store that is why some people would consider buying pre-owned fur coats as it is already depreciated and costs less.

If you’re loving the look, feel, and warmth of furs but do not really want to spend that much on a coat, then pre-owned fur coats are ideal for you.

Buying pre-owned fur coats is also a form of recycling, and without knowing it, you give a little help to the environment when wearing one.

Furs usually lasts longer than its style, so even when the design goes out of fashion, it can be remodeled into a more fashionable garment, or if you get really tired of the coat you can turn it into a comfy pillow or any number of home furnishings. When time depletes the fur, it is bio-degradable and won’t actually clog up the environment.

So, if you’re a recycling supporter and fur lover as well, then pre-owned fur coats are suitably good for you.

Here are three great finds of pre-owned fur coats:

Ankle Length Indigo Fox Coat – Furs by Chrys

This stunning genuine indigo fox fur coat in extra-luxurious ankle length has a LaFlamme Fourrures label and features spiral sleeves, bracelet cuffs, built-in shoulder pads, and a shawl collar.

The lining is solid black and the patch-type monogram has been removed and it also has two exterior pockets and a pocket hidden in the lining.  It has furrier locking clips and a big black button for closure.  This fur coat is extraordinary with an incredible price.

Lunaraine Mink Coat – Furs by Chrys

This fur coat is genuine natural lunaraine mink coat that is stunning and hard-to-find petite size. The label is J.K. Walden and features a large wing collar with very full sleeves, which gather into bracelet cuffs at the end.

It also features an extra full body and gathers a round yoke with extra side sweep. The lining is solid cocoa brown with two exterior packets and a pocket hidden in the lining.  It has a hook and eye closure with extra closure at the collar.

Blue Iris Mink Coat – Furs by Chrys

This absolutely gorgeous genuine mink fur coat has a natural rare color of “blue iris”. The label is Diamond Distinctive Design and features a large wing style collar, built-in shoulder pads, and bracelet cuffs.

The lining is solid silver-gray with a stunning floral design woven in the fabric in similar colors towards the bottom. It has one pocket hidden in the lining and two exterior side pockets.  It has furrier locking clips and an extra closure at the collar. This fur coat will make you feel regal at a great price.

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